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About Garrett's Transmission

We want to be your transmission and auto repair shop for life.

Our goal is to remain the highest recommended transmission and auto repair shop in Griffin and the surrounding areas. We want to to be your transmission and auto repair shop for life!

Why choose Garrett's Transmission as your repair shop?

We are a family-owned and operated repair shop that cares about you and your vehicle. We have provided excellent transmission repair services to the Griffin, GA areas for 33 years.

We want to make our customers' repair experience with us as stress-free and easy as possible, and so we provide:
  • Quality work
  • We stand behind or work
  • Pickup and delivery service(upon request)
  • Only quality parts are used
Garrett's maintains a high standard for quality with fast service and stress free experience.

Family owned and operated for over 33 years. Matt Garrett has a proven reputation for trust and personal service in the Griffin community.

About Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission is one type of motor that can automatically change gears as the automobile moves, freeing the driver from having to manually shift gears. Most automotive transmissions have a defined set of gear ranges, often with a parking gear feature that locks the drive shaft of the transmission.

Similar but larger devices are also used for heavy-duty, commercial and industrial vehicles and equipment. Some machines with limited speed range or fixed engine speeds, such as some forklifts, only use a torque converter to provide a changeable gearing of the engine to the wheels.
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